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About Me

Anicha Yoga and Metta Kula is primarily a personal journey that began over a decade ago in the UK and that led me to explore various types of yoga and meditation. All life passions are rooted in the sharing of experiences and the communal aspect of the practice and it is naturally that I began teaching yoga. 


I was fortunate to be able to teach in various places such as the UK, Greece, Turkey and France and I am on a journey to share my passion with as many people as I can.


I have always been driven by teaching. Prior to teaching yoga, I was a Family Support Worker and Community Link Worker for many years in London where I ran parenting workshops and supported refugee women.


What to Expect

As a teacher I strive to respect the lineages and traditions that yoga is originally built on and always meet each individual with both open heart and mind.

I am a dedicated lifelong student of Dr Kumar, an internationally recognized inspirational yoga and meditation teacher as well as an award-winning scientist. Through his teachings I learn the most ancient science of Yoga for holistic healing through Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bhandana, Dharana, Dhyana and Yoga Kaya Chikitsa (Masso Therapy). Yoga Masso Therapy is a solution for all muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and nervous system related problems. 

In my classes I try to transmit all my learnings from my teacher and cover progressive stages of purification, working at all levels: physical, cellular, and with the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind; working with the physical body through asanas, subtle cellular body with pranayama practice, and on purifying the mind through meditation. 



Trial Class

Group Class

€ 10


Group Class

€ 17


Private Class

Contact me 

Students & Unemployed

€ 12 per class

€ 140 for 10 classes & € 270 for 30 classes


€ 150 for 10 classes

€ 300 for 30 classes


Andrea Boutin Svagrovska

Sallanches, France

My yoga journey started with Sema and Anicha yoga when I became pregnant and joined her prenatal class: it did make a huge difference to my maternity experience. I regained a lot of agility and mobility and learned how to breathe correctly. It also helped me with my back pain a lot. I cannot live without it anymore!!

Sema is a fantastic teacher that I highly recommend!

Tassos Anastasio

Paros, Greece

Sema is one of the new breed of yoga teachers who is teaching with the intention of making a change in this media image driven modern world of Yoga. Conscientious, careful and fun loving, Sema will assist you to find your feet get grounded and see things as they are, not how you think they are, or how you want them to be. Active, dynamic at times but slow and meditative also. She does not pretend to know everything and realises as should be the case, that teacher and student learn together.

Joey Lomex 

Sallanches, France

The beautiful thing about Sema's yoga class is that she feeds all of your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. She meets you where you are and gives time ... so happy to have found her


Get In Touch / +33 6 37 61 58 36




Find Me at Metta Kula

228 Rue Chenal

74700 Sallanches

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